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CHSS Active Directory (AD) and Board Gmail 

Your AD login is used to login to your AMDSB Gmail, school computers, the core, library search, AMDEC courses and Google Classroom.
Password creation for new accounts using default information:
Go to https://reset.amdsb.ca and select the first ‘blue’ option ‘Click HERE to Change your current (known) Password’.
Enter your username in the form of [email protected] (first 4 letters of both names plus the first 3 numbers of your OEN)
Use the temporary password CHS1111! (Please don’t forget the exclamation point at the end of the password)
Once logged in to O365, change your password as prompted by the wizard (he's the one with the pointy hat) with the requirements that it:
     - cannot be a password you used before (it records previous passwords even if the account is reset)
     - cannot contain any part of your username (so it cannot include any part of your names)
     - must be at least eight characters in length
     - must have an upper case (capital) letter
     - must have a lower case (small) letter
     - must have a number
You can test the result by logging in to your board Gmail account at Gmail (click the top right corner to login).
Password known but Self Service Password Reset not setup
Please register at https://reset.amdsb.ca (click on the purple bar) so you can easily login later if you forget your password.
Password known and Self Service Password Reset is setup:
Go to https://reset.amdsb.ca/ (click on the blue bar) and you can change your password.
Password unknown and Self Service Password Reset is setup:
Go to https://reset.amdsb.ca/ (click on the red bar) and you can reset/change your password.
For additional help you can check the "O365 Self Service Password Reset Registration" PDF below.  If you are still having trouble changing your AD/Gmail password or with multi-factor authentication; please email [email protected] If this is during the summer, please allow two days for a response and if urgent, or there is no response within two day, please call the Learning Resource Centre helpdesk at 519-482-5428 x261.


Please see AMRLS Tech Support for any difficulties.

Summer School

Please email [email protected] or view their webpage Summer School