Clean Clinton initiative!

Alex Dolmage and Lexi Harney really did CHSS proud. They not only created a Clean Clinton slideshow (presented here in PDF format) on their own time,  they were also on a Zoom call to presented to the Blyth BIA.  There were plenty of questions for them as well after their presentation from some very keen Blyth business owners. They seemed inspired by Alex and Lexi's presentation and wanted to know more.
Lexi and Alex challenged the Blyth businesses to use more eco-friendly packaging, especially alternatives to plastic bags and styrofoam. Dave Sparling (chairperson) has put a motion forward that the BIA form an environmental team and that they collaborate with Clean Clinton starting in the fall of 2021/winter of 2022.  Dave Sparling's original request came after he had been hearing about CHSS' initiative for quite a while, including a news release CHSS Clean Clinton thanks to Bob Montgomery, local news reporter with CKNX / Blackburn News, for this and other related stories.