Huron Perth Public Health Referral Process Change

It is important that staff and students are aware of the best way to connect with the Sexual

Health Public Health Nurse (PHN) in schools. To support students in accessing sexual health

services, students can connect by reaching out directly to the nurse assigned to their school

during scheduled hours, or by:

  • Calling 1-888-221-2133 ext. 3779 (Perth) or ext. 2406 (Huron)
  • Calling or texting Perth-based nurses: 519-635-2504
  • Calling or texting Huron-based nurses: 519-440-1439


When possible, students should provide a name, phone number and reason for referral.


AMDSB staff will no longer be permitted to make referrals to HPPH.


Sexual Health Clinics and STI Testing